Miyamoto Musashi was one of the greatest warriors to ever live. Born in Miyamoto-Sanoma in the province of Mimasaka, Japan in 1584. He grew up watching his accomplished Samurai father teach and train other warriors of the age.

At the age of twelve Musashi had his first duel. A Samurai by the name of Arima Kihei was passing through Musashi’s town. He posted a sign challenging anyone who was brave enough to come and fight. Musashi answered this challenge. Musashi used only a wooden sword as a weapon. The Samurai pulled out his razor sharp short-sword. Musashi attacked first and the Samurai swung his short-sword at the boy. Musashi ducked and barreled into the Samurai, picking him up and slamming him headfirst into the ground. Musashi then quickly picked up his wooden sword and beat the man to death. Thus, at the age of twelve, Miyamoto Musashi was victorious in his first life-or-death duel, against no less than a professionally trained adult Samurai. This event would foreshadow Musashi’s incredible journey ahead.

Miyamoto Musashi’s life is too vast for any history book to cover. His amazing feats are historically documented in various places all over Japan. There are often several different accounts of these stories and the details vary as is often the case in historical documents. Between the ages of twelve and twenty-eight Musashi engaged in over sixty life-or-death duels with professional Warriors from all over Japan. He never once lost. Much of what he really did is lost to history. He was also involved in at least six wars, most of which he led at the front leading the army into battle. It might be surprising to note that he was also an accomplished painter, sculptor, and poet. His works are priceless and are kept in museums to this day.